Fox Squared Vending

Who We Are

Fox Squared Vending was started as a way to serve snack lovers (who were very hungry) in the areas we were passing through every day.  We decided we would take it on as our mission to satisfy those snack cravings, and Fox Squared Vending was born.   Fox Squared Vending is a fully insured business that puts our customers’ needs first. 

Our primary goal is to provide our community and customers with quality, dependable vending services.  If you have employees, students, residents, or customers around you with unsatisfied snack cravings and are interested in having vending machines at your location, Fox Squared Vending can help provide that service for you!

Services We Offer

Payment Options

Whether you want to use a debit or credit card, tap to pay with your phone, or purchase your snacks with cash, we can accommodate all types of payment options

Remote Inventory Control

This system allows us to monitor your machine’s inventory from our phones to ensure that it never goes empty or expires.  It also keeps us up-to-date on bestsellers and products that aren’t popular.

Brand Name Machines

 We will only place top-of-the-line, brand name machines at your workplace that are in good working condition.  The machines are easily customizable, which allows us to offer a variety of options.

Customer Requests

Whether it’s a new snack you’d like or an issue with the machine, we want to hear from YOU!  Contact info and QR code are shown clearly on the machine, so you can contact us quickly

Loyalty Programs

 Customers have access to promotions, happy hour discounts, and other perks for repeat visits.

No Cost Machines

We will deliver, install, and maintain your machines at no cost to you!  The only costs customers will ever incur is the point of purchase cost when buying a snack or beverage, and the company will incur the minor cost of electricity and internet to give customers access to the products and be able to easily pay.

Areas We Service

  • Cedar County– Stockton, El Dorado Springs
  • Polk County – Bolivar, Halfway, Fair Play, Pleasant Hope, Humansville, Morrisville
  • Greene County – Springfield, Willard, Strafford, Ash Grove, Fair Grove, Walnut Grove
  • St. Clair County – Osceola, Lowry City, Appleton City, Collins

Popular Healthy Snacks


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Fox Squared Vending