I am Hmong-American, a first generation born in the United States.

My parents came to the United States as political refugees after the Vietnam War.

The Hmong people were one of many ingenious groups who lived in the mountain region of Laos and Vietnam, who were recruited by the United States to help the Allies during the Vietnam War.

My parents were some of the lucky ones that was able to escape political persecution to Thailand and came to the United States to start a new.


My parents struggled with finding good paying jobs due to their lack of education and not knowing how to speak English fluently. As our family grew and with more mouths to feed, they return to what they knew, farming.

The farm life was a hard life. We were really, really poor, and my parents struggled all the time financially. Even as a young child I could feel the despair, stress, and fear at times – of what would happen if they could not provide for us financially.

It was there, as a young child that I made my decision – that no matter what, I would seek a pathway out of poverty. My childhood experience in poverty inspired me to pursue my financial planning career, to find a better way to help my parents and people like them. Today, I am a Certified Financial Planner with over 16+ years of experience in the financial industry. I have spent over a decade helping individuals, families and small businesses with millions of investable dollars continuing to build and preserve their wealth through financial planning.


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