Come and sit at arm’s reach of you. This command should be one of the building blocks of your dog’s training foundation. The dog should stop what there doing and come to you and sit with in arms reach.

Place is a great tool for self-confidence building. Is teached right this becomes a self-rewording action for your dog. Place means to come and sit/stand on this object. The object needs to be fiscally defined, and only limited by your imagination.

Focus is only for dogs and owners that have a healthy relationship. We teach the dog to forgo looking at anything else and look into your eyes and waiting for their next command.

The dog should stop what they’re doing and come when called no matter what and sit in the heel positions ready for a command.

As it sounds, we teach your dog to respect boundaries. This is a great leadership building exercise for our pups. Your dog learns to sit and wait to be let through the door.

Bring you an object by name. Newspaper, remote, or leash.

As it sounds, a place

Getting the dog to Lay down on command.

Teaching your dog to play a healthy game of fetch.

Heel is a tight 6-8in off your left side, with the dog’s shoulder aligned with your leg. The dog is focused on your movement and ready for any changes.

Loos Leash Walk (LLW) not tight to left side but not pulling. The owner is able to walk where they would like with very little or no corrects or pulling on the leash. The dog is able to wonder, with in reason, from the owner but needs to keep pace.

Leave it can mean for anything from food to kid’s toys. The command is a wonderful tool for any dog, but especially dog that travel with their owners frequently. The dog should drop the object they have or not pick up to begin with.

Take is the other side of the coin. We teach the dog to take the food or the toy on command. This is great for when giving treats or food, playing fetch, or teaching how to hold a sensitive object.

For the dog owner on the go. Restaurant, stores.