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Meet Davido, the anonymous abstract painter

Davido paints with acrylics on canvas. He is a painter of the invisible. Energies, waves, movements of the soul and the Cosmos guide his thoughts as well as his brushes. For him, a painter’s artwork, whether on an easel or a mural, is somewhat akin to an author’s handwritten words. This is far from disappearing…
Despite all the experiences of Contemporary Art and digital technologies, from digital images to AI, it has nothing to fear as it stems from a natural need; this holds true in every initial approach, from learning to mastery, of graphic and visual arts. Photography did not kill painting. It became a source of inspiration, and many quickly married the two disciplines, positioning themselves in contrast or harmony, allowing all forms of abstraction to flourish. Furthermore, now, numerous hyperrealistic representations have emerged, continuing to explore the paths of the figurative; a figurative style nourished by an enhanced power of observation.
Digital arts will similarly be closely observed to inspire new painters who prefer pigments over pixels. Confronting the realities of our era remains a rule in art, each person following the path that suits them best. Observing our environment while embracing the contributions of science continues to be the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci, to which the artist’s primary inspiration responds… What Contemporary Art so fondly refers to as a process.”